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  • carriage-house
    An unknown African American woman (center), almost certainly enslaved, with the family of Professor Edward C. Boynton in 1860.
    Caroline Barr House,
    This 1930s servants’ quarters at Rowan Oak was the home of Caroline Barr, a former slave born in the 1840s or 1850s. “Mammy Callie" was William Faulkner’s nanny when he was a boy and moved to Rowan Oak in the 1930s to help care for Faulkner’s daughter, Jill. Barr lived here until her death at almost 100 years of age in 1940.
    Archaeology 2
    The UM Center for Archeological Research hosts a public archeology day at Rowan Oak to educate the public about the ongoing excavation of slave quarters dating to the antebellum era.
    Preservationist and Activist Joseph McGill of the Slave Dwelling Project by the detached kitchen at Rowan Oak in 2016.
    Arch Rowan Oak copy
    Archaeology students conduct fieldwork at Rowan Oak.
    Lyceum Boynton 1856–61 copy
    The Lyceum, shortly after it was built in 1848.
    Rowan Oak deed search by arch student copy
    Lafayette County Chancery Clerk Sherry Wall assists archaeology students with deed research.
    1861 UM map
    A rendering of campus in 1861.
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