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University of Mississippi Slavery Research Group

The University of Mississippi

Primary Sources


Faculty Minutes (FM), “Minutes of the Faculty of the University of Mississippi”
Board of Trustees Minutes (BTM)
1850 and 1860 Federal Censuses

1850 and 1860 Federal Slave Schedules

Not yet consulted:

Library Faculty and working group members Jennifer Ford and Leigh McWhite have assembled an extensive list of “antebellum UM collections and publications” which will likely prove useful for our group given enough student and faculty researchers to go through them (attached as Appendix A).

The most promising of these include: the Alumni Minutes (which start in 1848); the UM “Announcements and Catalogue”; the Barnard Collection; the Hermean and Phi Sigma minutes; the Hilgard Papers; the MS University Magazine (which begin in 1856); the Phi Sigma Magazine; and the “Rules and Regulations of UM” (which begin in 1850).

Library faculty have also created a spreadsheet listing all administrators, board members, faculty, staff, and students during antebellum times. This is an important resource that can be used to trace the slave owning history of university community members (in particular the degree to which UM students derived from slave-owning families whose tuition helped to fund the university). These data have already been compiled and are essential for future research on university-related slave owners. The sources used in creating the spreadsheet were from the Registrar Ledgers Collection and the Historical Catalogue of the University of Mississippi, 1849-1909 (Nashville, TN: Marshall & Bruce Company, 1910).