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University of Mississippi Slavery Research Group
The University of Mississippi


Henry or Harry was an enslaved man owned by a University of Mississippi professor of Latin and Modern Languages Wilson Gaines Richardson. Henry likely worked in one or more of the stables reserved for faculty on the campus of the University of Mississippi. Henry may have driven a horse and carriage for Professor Richardson or other faculty when they made the short trip into town.

When Chancellor Barnard came under scrutiny during a board of trustees meeting for taking the word of an African American female slave over a white male student, Barnard appealed to Professor Richardson for support with a hypothetical involving Henry. “If your servant Henry were to tell you he had seen a certain student take your horse or saddle from your stable,” Barnard asked Richardson,“would you not believe him?” Professor Richardson responded that he would not trust Henry “over the word of a white man.”

In addition to appearing in the proceedings related to the enslaved woman Jane’s rape by a University of Mississippi student, Henry also appears in the Board of Trustees minutes and the Faculty Minutes. In the latter he is referred to as Harry.

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Profile written by Anne Twitty