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University of Mississippi Slavery Research Group

The University of Mississippi

1870—Black Campus Workers

The census enumerator who visited the UM campus on July 21, 1870 listed 19 black individuals living there. As free African American citizens, their full names were recorded for the first time on the federal census.

The 1870 federal census includes the full name, age and occupation of these free black campus workers. It also identifies their children, who were listed as “at school.” While these individuals may have come to live on campus as employees after emancipation, there is a possibility that some of these individuals were former slaves who worked on campus prior to emancipation and remained after they became free.

Living in their own dwelling:

E.M Farill, 55, Female, Black—Cook
Lou Farill, 12, Female, Black—at school
Ann Thompson, 40, Female, Black—house servant
Ema Jones, 35, Female, Black – waiter

Frank Watson, 35, Male, Black—waiter

Living in their own dwelling:

Tom Brown, 75, Male, Black—cook
Seth Brown, 64, Female, Black—house servant
Clarecy Brown, 19, Female, Black—house servant
Phillip Brown, 17, Male, Black—house servant

Living in the Steward’s Hall with J.H. Ferrell, Steward of the College:

Frank OBrian, 14, Male, Black—going to school
Tom Goodey, 18, Male, Black—laborer
Jeff Profit, 24, Male, Black—laborer
John Thompson, 54, Male, Black—laborer
James Kerr, 27, Male, Black—laborer

Living with Claudius Sears, Professor of Mathematics:

Peter Kenshaw, 26, Male, Black—laborer

Living with John Wheat, Professor of Greek:

Callie Pillar, 40, Female, Black—cook

Living with A.J. Quinche, Professor of Latin:

A Nelson, 29, Male, Black—laborer
Mary Nelson, 40, Female, Black—house servant
S Williams, 24, Male, Black—laborer